About Us

The idea for the company started several years ago. I found I had been completely bitten by the cruise bug and was taking two cruises a year. Over the last 15 years, I have visited numerous countries, met lots of people from around the world, met crew on ships from many nationalities and all thanks to my life on the cruise ships.

Having had many holidays onboard ships, I started inviting my family and friends along.

I feel that cruising is still mis-sold by many people, much like shoes. On a cruise holiday, one size does not fit all. Many agents do not realise that a cruise on Cunard's Queen Mary 2 is a completely different experience to a cruise on the Saga Ruby. Both have very unique and special qualities which both attract and detract from their suitability to individuals.

I spent years talking on forums and blogs about the cruise industry only to find there is still some forms of miscomphrenension amongst many people. Such as cruises are only for the rich, or the old, or for boring people. It's these views I want to change.

Cruising is a holiday form suitable for almost everyone, even those who suffer from seasickness. I hope that in the pages of this website, you will become more aware of the companies and ships that operate in the cruise world, the destinations and home ports, and even the attomosphere and type of people on board each ship, that will help you, if you are going on a cruise, to pick a cruise and ship more suitable to your requirements, or if you are not a cruise person, enough information to at least tempt you to try a cruise.

Why am I doing this?

Well obviously, there is a money aspect. This site is funded by advertsing from the cruise companies.

Do I work for a cruise company?

Absolutely not. I have tried to be as balanced and neutral as possible, After all, even if I disliked a particular ship or company, it may be perfect for someone else.

What do I you gain from doing this?

My own personal gain is to expand the cruise market. The more people who choose to sail, increases the demand. Demand forces new ships, new routes, more variety, which is healthy for the market and helps everyone.

Any regrets?

My regrets on building and operating this site, was researching and finding out what happened to some really classic cruise ships. Within the site, some companies will have previous ships listed, and where possible their fate. This includes some well known fates such as the Cunard's Queen Mary in America and Queen Elizabeth II as floating hotels, to the more obscure such as being scuttled to form a natural reef, or being used as target practice for the navy and many more. To me, cruising should include both old and new.


E-mail: andy.skinner@cruising4holidays.com